136024345000202As a Rescue Technician finding a suitable anchor is a critical part of personal safety in any rescue situation. You can never be too safe, the rope system and anchor attachments are checked and rechecked before it is safe to load the system and transition the edge. The life of the rescuer and the success of the operation depend on whether or not the anchor fails. For so many years my Christian faith has been an anchor in my life, by being a reference point in this chaotic world, but how do I know there is only one way to God?

I recently had a conversation with my friend, Jeff, which really contested the views I hold. It was apparent from the get go that Jeff had no interest in God and laughingly concluded that he himself was god. This immediately struck me as odd, I would never think of saying such a thing, especially to someone who thought highly of God. Regardless, the conversation kept going and I got the impression that he was affirming that all religions are true. Jeff stated that “all religions are the same, and everyone should be accepted for who they are.” This struck me as a precarious view of reality because Buddhism and Judaism cannot both be “the same.” I think the other reason why it’s precarious is because he was equivocating, what people think to be true, and their intrinsic worth as a person.

Perhaps Jeff meant to say all religions are meaningful to the people that practice them because that claim would be logically acceptable. Any truth claim cannot be self-refuting and still be true because the law of non-contradiction doesn’t allow it. We should accept all persons for who they are, granted. The problem lies in the fact that different people are making truth claims about reality and not claims about how reality is meaningful to them. I often think that people pick a religion like they do ice-cream; they consider the options and make the most appealing subjective selection. Religions don’t claim to be nice; they claim to be true, though some are nicer than others.

136103835001202As we approach the edge of our life can we trust that our anchor will pass the test of being safety checked and rechecked? If the anchor cannot withstand our scrutiny on this side of the edge; then, it will surly fail as we transition the edge. We select anchors based on true strength and not convenience. There are endless ways to get it wrong, but there is only one way to get it right, regardless of how elaborate or complex the system is, if your anchor gives way the whole thing is a complete wreck. Selecting a worldview based on how it caters to our convenience is insufficient. One should only select a worldview because it’s true, not because it’s nice.

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