Intruder in the Universe?


One way to look for the existence of God is to consider whether there has been an intruder in the natural order of our universe or whether all the solutions about the universe are found in the natural universe itself.

Consider a detective at the scene of a crime. Now there are only four ways that a person can die: natural causes, accident, suicide or homicide. The detective’s job is to rule out the unlikely causes by looking at the evidence inside the room. Lets say, for example, that all the evidence found in the room by the detective belong to the wounded victim including fingerprints, DNA and a registered firearm in the victims name that caused the fatality. So far we can rule out natural causes and homicide so then the detective is left with whether the cause of death was due to accident or suicide. All the evidence in the room accounts for the incident and so there is no need to look outside the room. Now let’s say, that there is evidence of an intruder, fingerprints that don’t match those of the victim and bloodied footprints leaving the room and a gun not registered in the victims name. In this scenario the detective can rule out natural causes, but because the intruder was in the room the detective is forced to go outside the room to explain the evidence inside the room and rule out the other remaining causes to come to the actual cause of death.

In his new book, God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe, J. Warner Wallace uses his renowned detective skills to examine the universe for answers. What would happen if we applied the same reasoning to our universe and treated it as if it were a closed room? Would all the problems be solved with the information inside the room or would we have to go looking outside the room.

Some points to ponder:

What caused the physical universe (all space, matter, time, and energy) to come into existence?

How do we explain non-physical entities like the existence of numbers, laws of logic and consciousness?

How do we explain the specified complexity we examine in the universe through both the telescope and the microscope?

How does matter go from non-living to living?

Where does DNA information, a blueprint for every life form, come from?

Who do moral values and duties arise through natural processes?

These six points are just a few questions right off the top of my head that most of us take for granted or fail to consider. Give it some thought.

Do you have good reason for the hope that you have?


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